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Vinyl Disc record turntable Mat


shin’en VDM turntable mat is made of high performance carbon hybrid material. The turntable mat has superior conductivity and discharge static electricity well. Making center spindle as an earth will further enhance this performance. The turntable mat generates less static electricity and reduces electrical charge of vinyl record consequently reducing dust sticking to the surface. The mat is 0.22 millimeter thick that is thinner than ordinary turntable mat. The high-density performance of the material creates electromagnetic wave shield and has a vibration damping characteristics. The mat is lightweight and can be used for both belt drive and floating type turntables. The mat can be used alone or with a combination with the existing mat. It is possible to adjust tone of the sound to your liking by using multiple mats.

*There might be a slight scratches and/or dent when the mat is punched out. There might be a slight discrepancy in finishing of the product but it will not affect playback performances.
**The mat cannot be used for DJ.

Material: Carbon hybrid material
Size: Φ300mm(Diameter), t0.22mm(Thicness)
Weight: 25grams(Total weight of packaging 160grams)


Vacuum Tube Stabilizer (Kit form)


Shin’en VTS, a stabilizer for miniature vacuum tubes, is made of a hybrid carbon composite material. Shin’en VTS with high thermal conductivity has superior heat dissipation effect. Shin’en VTS will enable heat dissipation of vacuum tubes by discharging heat from the surface of the glass. Vibration damping characteristic of the VTS material helps eliminate minute vibration coming from outside the tube. Compared with comparable stabilizers made of metal materials, Shin’en VTS will not alter the quality of sound.

Shin’en VTS is "UL94V-0" code compliant and minimizes deterioration by heat. The chance of catching fire from the heat of the vacuum tube is minimal. Shin’en VTS will be delivered in Kit form and is easily assembled.

* Shin’en VTS is designed for vacuum tubes and should not be used for other purposes.
** The material of Shin’en VTS has electrical conductivity and should not be in contact with wiring and other parts of the equipment.

Material: Carbon hybrid material (Material thickness 0.22mm)
Flammability: UL94V-0(Equivalent)
Kit Form: 4kit/1package