Concert Fidelity ZL-200 monoblock amplifier receives 2012 TAS Editor’s Choice Award from Harry Pearson


tas 05.PNGConcert Fidelity's flagship monoblock power amplifier, the ZL-200, received The Absolute Sound 2012 Editor's Choice Award from none other than Mr. Harry Pearson (TAS Issue 221, March 2012). We are extremely pleased and honored this designation by Mr. Pearson, the founder of TAS and one of the most respected reviewers in the world today.

zl200 1.jpgThe ZL-200 is Concert Fidelity's most powerful amplifier, capable of delivering 200 watts into 8 ohms. The design is all solid-state, realizing high power with a relatively small number of meticulously matched MOSFET output devices thanks to its BTL (bridged tied load) architecture.

The unique sound of the ZL-200 is aptly described by Mr. Pearson: "These monoblocks are the first solid-state amps I've heard that sound like a tubed unit, and by that I mean a very good tubed unit, on the order of say, the best conrad-johnson amp (vide, the ART III) but lacking the golden glow of the CJ sound, thus rather more uncolored than most, if not all, of the transistorized competition."