photo-0001_20171016182819742.jpgDHP-300B (300B Push pull Power amplifier) photo-0003_20171016222233665.jpg dhs300b_10.jpgDHS-300B (300B Single ended Power amplifier) dhs300b_09_20161224215850109.jpg img20170825222047615983.jpgCLS-050 Line Stage Pre-Amplifier photo-0004_20170320175010721.png photo-0005.pngCharisma XHP-7 Headphone monitoring reference amplifier photo-0010.jpg photo-0033.pngCharisma XHP series headphone amplifiers photo-0019.pngCF-i300B photo-0004_20170401235054382.jpg photo-0002.jpgCF-i300B photo-0001.jpg photo-0007.png photo-0001_20170318110444773.pngCDV-2 NW 2way Electronic crossover concert_img_8180-406-675-450-90-wm-right_bottom-100-ssnwatermark2png.jpg concertfidelitylogo_web_withtagline_lg.jpg img_4086.jpgMultimedia hi-fi show Ljubljana 2017, Pear Audio and ESP room. img_4073.jpgPear Audio Blue Turntable and Cornet toneame. img_4070.jpgESP Cello and Bassoon System. img_4071.jpgMultimedia hi-fi show Ljubljana 2017, Pear Audio and ESP room. img_1342.jpgT.H.E. SHOW NP 2016 hd15_pearaudio_all_1web_(1).jpg hifideluxe2015-0022a.jpg p5021981.jpg p6013528pf.jpg ct6a1518a_20160413085314143.jpg 5803443360_3128415fb6_z_20160413085259748.jpg high%20end%202011%20munich_289.jpg concert-fidelity.jpg rmaf2015-2840.jpg img_2921-estelon-loudspeaker-concert-fidelity-room-small_20160413134545419.jpg 11-05-20_highend_299_20160413085219508.jpg p1018620.jpg img_1348.jpg p5021983.jpg concertfidelitylogo_web_withtagline_lg.jpg


We made history

Concert Fidelity featured in the “Illustrated History of the High-End Audio” book by the Absolute Sound.

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Approved Used

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All the products are authorized used products of Concert Fidelity.
1) Perfect overhaul and Perfect cleaning.
2) Three years of warranty is added.
3) Free power-supply-voltage change.
When you get interested in these products, please inform our DEALER or ShinEn AUDIO DISTRIBUTION < biz(at) >

Los Angels Audio Show 2017 (LAAS17)

Thank you for coming!!!

laas.png 060217-concert%20fidelity%201-600.jpg laas-saturday-24.jpg 060217-concert%20fidelity%202-600.jpg img20170623165556163100.png

Show report


LAAS17 Show report Part 4
By Steven R. Rochlin

LAAS17 Show report
By Rafe Arnott

LAAS17 Jason's Last Day 1 Rounds
By Jason Victor Serinus


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Resolution Series

Charisma Series

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Charisma XHP-7 Headphone monitoring reference amplifier