Concert Fidelity is a company started in 1987 by Masataka Tsuda, who continues to design and build all of the products at our workshop in NAGANO-ken, JAPAN


We do not open the Work studio and listening room to the public. Audition is for limited customers only. We do not accept visits without a reservation. Coppany addresses are not disclosed to anyone other than users and business partners. For details, please contact us by email.

E-Mail: biz-info(at)

Masataka Tsuda  

Founder, President and Designer

●Started to build vacuum tube amplifiers at age of 10
●Acquired Ham Radio license at age of 14
●Worked at his father’s precision machining and tooling company for 12 years
●Worked at a semiconductor trading firm for 6 years
●Worked at a precision measuring instrument trading firm for 3 years

Contact: m-tsuda(at)

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